Archives, Digital heritage, Information science, Law, Public policy

In co-operation with the Information Program, Open Society Foundations   and

the Open Society Archives (OSA) at Central European University

The course is also co-sponsored by the Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing 

Course date

2 July - 6 July, 2012
15 February, 2012
The application process is closed; no more applications will be reviewed.

Health Insurance

It is mandatory for all enrolled Summer University participants to have adequate health insurance for the duration of their stay in Hungary as a condition of their participation in the program. Participants will be responsible for taking out their own insurance policy.

In case it is difficult to find a reliable insurance company in your country, you can contact CEU's travel agency for a health insurance (it is obligatory for your visa application). It will cost you 660 HUF/day (~ 2 Euro). 
You need to contact BCD Travel at and attach this form. The insurance needs to be pre-paid.

Participants will be required to sign a declaration about their medical insurance and submit a copy of their valid insurance policy.

There are several options for submitting your documents:

  • If your course has a CEU e-Learning page, you can upload the scanned copy of your documents there, on the top of the page, at the “Upload your insurance policy” link. Between mid-April  and the end of May you will receive your login information to this site. In case of technical problems contact Eva Barbara Bodogan ( for assistance. 
  • If you have difficulty uploading the document please send it to your coordinator by e-mail and/or submit it in hard copy upon arrival.
  • Citizens of the European Union may bring their European Health Insurance Card. However, EHIC provides only basic coverage (coverage for emergencies only).
  • If insurance is a service included in your credit card account, please provide us with contact information of your provider’s Assistance Line.

Having your insurance policy copies will allow the SUN office to arrange medical care for you in case of emergency.