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The course is also co-sponsored by the Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing 

Course date

2 July - 6 July, 2012
15 February, 2012
The application process is closed; no more applications will be reviewed.

Travel information

Please note that the information below DOES NOT APPLY to participants of the "Green Industry" and the "Leadership and Management for Integrity" courses. Selected participants of this course will be informed about travel arrangement procedures in the acceptance letter (to be delivered between mid-April an mid-May).

Purchasing the ticket

Those receiving a travel grant need to book their ticket as soon as possible after notification. In most cases the amount of travel grant is less than the actual ticket price, and participants need to cover the difference from their own budget. This is why it is most important to make the ticket booking at the earliest date in order to secure the cheapest possible ticket. (In case participants have to decline their participation in the last-minute due to health or other reasons, they are personally liable for the costs of canceling their ticket. We cannot reimburse anyone for cancellation fees.)

Travel grants only cover economy flights between Budapest and the city of your residence. Other destinations can only be included if there is no direct flight between your city of departure and Budapest.

Due to restricted availability of flights to Budapest you may arrive earlier and/or depart later than the course check-in and/or check-out dates. Such tickets will also be accepted for reimbursements up to the amounts specified in the invitation letter. 

Reimbursement policy for scholarship participants

  • Recipients of a travel grant from SUN will be reimbursed in Budapest upon their arrival based on the granted amount of travel specified in the acceptance letter. Reimbursement will be made only up to the actual travel expenditure supported by the submitted documents. 
  • Shorter domestic trips and visa costs (including visa-related travel) are not reimbursed (unless specified otherwise in the Financial Information section of your course website).
  • The travel grant amount will be returned to grant recipients in Budapest on arrival if they can submit valid documentation (see details below). If there is no sufficient documentation available, the original ticket has to be mailed back and reimbursement will be made via bank transfer or check.
  • Necessary documents for reimbursement:
    • the e-ticket with the ticket price indicated ( if the price is not indicated, an invoice is needed) AND the boarding pass, or
    • an original invoice issued by the travel agency addressed to CEU 1051 Budapest Nador utca 9. or to your name, or
    • the original travel ticket/s 

Arrival and departure

Participants are expected to arrive the day before the course starts (e.g. if the course starts on Monday, the arrival day will be on Sunday) and depart the day after the last teaching day (e.g. if the last day of the course is a Friday, the departure day will be on Saturday).

If you plan to arrive/depart earlier or later than the above standard dates, you will be able to indicate this in the online Housing Form (links will be provided in the notification letter.)

For information on how to get to your hotel CLICK HERE.

Exchanging money

Airports are usually not the best places to exchange money so bring with yourself enough cash to get started in Budapest (tickets for public transportation or the shuttle bus fare, transportation pass, etc.). More information on the shuttle bus service and public transport at “Getting to your Hotel”.
Also, see below a fairly reliable online Currency Converter which can help you estimate the amount of money that you will need:

Exchange money, as a rule, at a bureau de change or a bank; people offering to exchange your money in the street may deceive you with counterfeit money.


Depending on which hotel you are accommodated in, you have several options where you can exchange money:
If you are in the CEU Residence Center
Bureaux de change at Arkad Shopping Mall, Ors Vezer tere, - 1 or first floor
If you are in Hotel MEDOSZ
Bureaux de change at Szent Istvan korut and around the West End Shopping Mall
If you are in City Hotel Mátyás
Correct Change, Váci street 39. When you come out of the Hotel, turn towards the city, so that the Danube is behind you. Walk straight to the second street, which is Vaci street, and find #39.
If you are in Star Inn Hotel
Several bureaux de change. When you come out of your hotel, take the second street on your left or right. That is Teréz körút (boulevard). You can find several reliable places to exchange money.
If you are at CEU Campus
There are several bureaux de change in Nador street or in front of the Basilica, and on Zrínyi street, in front of the “Tom&George” restaurant.
If you need a broader list of the available bureau of exchange, here visit this site with a decent listing:

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Airlines Flying to Budapest:

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